LPC Posts Their Hearing Schedule for 2013

Today marks the last day in 2012 of public hearings for the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC), the City agency in charge of regulating designated landmarks and historic districts across the five boroughs. At each public hearing, the LPC hears a number of applications from property owners who wish to make changes to their landmarked buildings.

A snapshot of GVSHP’s Landmarks Applications Webpage. This “Pending” page highlights applications that have been heard at the LPC, but have not yet received approval. Some may come before the LPC in 2013.

For many, especially neighbors of these proposed projects, this process is a bit confusing. One of the goals of GVSHP’s Landmarks Applications Webpage is to help the public understand the steps involved with changes to landmarks in our neighborhoods, which covers Greenwich Village, the East Village, the Meatpacking District, and NoHo. While we can’t notify each and every homeowner that their next door neighbor is proposing considerable alterations to their building, we do post information about each property in our neighborhoods that requires a public hearing at the LPC.

With the year coming to an end, the LPC has posted their public hearing schedule for 2013. Agendas are typically posted a few weeks before an application is heard, and we update our webpage to reflect this as soon as possible. If a property is located in Community Board 2, applicants typically present their proposals to the community board on Monday evenings, eight days ahead of the proposal’s LPC hearing. Community Board 3‘s schedule is not as consistent, but we post this information when available on our webpage.

Interested in seeing more? We have pages for upcoming, pending, and closed applications dating back to the webpage’s beginning in October 2009. Pending applications still require some tweaking before the LPC will consider approving them so you may be seeing some of those come before Landmarks in 2013.

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Amanda was GVSHP's Director of Preservation & Research from January 2012 to July 2015.

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