Happy Anniversary St. Mark’s Historic District!

St. Mark's Church in the Bowery

Today marks the forty-fourth anniversary of the designation of the St. Mark’s Historic District. Landmarked in 1969, the district was one of the first historic district designations by the newly created Landmarks Preservation Commission. The district also includes the GVSHP’s home in the Neighborhood Preservation Center on East 11th Street, which formerly served as the rectory for the adjacent St. Mark’s Church in the Bowery.

St. Mark's Historic District

Boundaries of the St. Mark’s Historic District, including the 1984 district extension (hatched area).

You can read the entire historic district designation report on GVSHP’s Resources Page. The area included within the St. Mark’s Historic District was part of the farm owned by Peter Stuyvesant (purchased in 1651), who was the last Dutch Director-General of the New Netherland colony and is buried beneath the church. The district also includes much of Stuyvesant Street, which has its own unique history.

The picturesque portion of East 10th Street included in the district contains a remarkably intact grouping of mid-nineteenth century Italianate residential buildings, as well as some of earliest-constructed Federal buildings in the city.

In 1984, the district was extended to include 102 and 104 East 10th Streets. Number 102 is the oldest house on the block, and both buildings were part of the estate held by Peter Gerard Stuyvesant and Elizabeth Stuyvesant Fish, the great, great grandchildren of Peter Stuyvesant.

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