Author: Andrew Berman
Andrew Berman has been the Executive Director of GVSHP since 2002.

It Happened Here: 80’s Music Videos

We here at GVSHP spend a great deal of time pouring over archival records and buildings department files to document the history of our neighborhoods — when buildings went up, when they came down, how they once looked, how they

A Five Year Milestone for Far West Village Landmarking

As early as 1963, Jane Jacobs urged that a fledgling NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) protect and designate the Greenwich Village waterfront and the Far West Village neighborhood in which she lived.  However, in 1969, when the LPC did finally

Save Chelsea Market — Hearing tonight, and history

Those wanting to fight the plan to build massive additions atop the historic Chelsea Market complex might be interested in an important community meeting tonight, and some history about this unique set of buildings.

Seinfeld’s Off the Grid Anniversary

The Brooklyn-born, Long Island-raised, Queens College-educated comedian Jerry Seinfeld was born on April 29, 1954. While no doubt many Off the Grid readers are Seinfeld fans, the following day is another Seinfeld anniversary which strikes even a little nearer and

Mars Bar — Before & After

A few days ago, the venerable Mars bar on the corner of 2nd Avenue and 1st Street painted “Thanks for the memories, miss you all” over its entrance, in expectation of the much-anticipated demise of the beloved business and the building which

NYU’s Twenty Year Expansion Plan, Twenty Years From Now

The Villager/East Villager/Downtown Express newspaper chain recently published an op-ed I submitted regarding the ‘NYU 2031 Plan’ — the university’s blueprint for expansion over the next 20 years, a large part of which requires zoning changes and sale of public

The 2010 Census — Highs and Lows

The recently released 2010 census figures for New York City have certainly stirred some controversy, with their finding of only a modest overall population increase in the city, coupled with mysterious decreases in population in immigrant-heavy neighborhoods of Brooklyn and

In Memoriam: Lucy Cecere

Greenwich Village lost one of its greats this weekend with the passing of Lucy Cecere at the age of 87.  Though small in stature, Lucy was a true giant in a neighborhood of outsized personalities — an activist, a pioneer,

Off the Grid: Minetta Street and Minetta Lane

Today is the 200th anniversary of the official adoption of the Manhattan street grid, an event of enormous importance to New York as a whole, and in a slightly different way, to neighborhoods like the Village, East Village, and NoHo,

It Happened Here: Album Covers

The Village and East Village have long been the home of music-makers and music venues; their streets and sites on more than one occasion the inspiration for song-writers and the subject of many a song line. But perhaps nothing has imprinted an image of