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Changing Views on Seventh Avenue South

The image above was taken in 1933. It’s a view looking across Seventh Avenue South, northwest toward Grove Street. In addition to the price of gasoline (eight gallons for $1.05 at the ‘Sheridan’ Shell gas station in the photo), some

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon: Greenwich Village Edition

Happy birthday Kevin Bacon!  The versatile actor/musician/philanthropist was born in Philadelphia to Ruth Hilda and Edmund Norwood Bacon on July 8, 1958. Of course Kevin Bacon is more than just a multi-talented artist of various media.  He’s also the basis

Beware the Lot Line Window

Do you know what a lot line window is? Could you identify them in the historic photo of the Bayard-Condict Building above? They’re a little tricky to see given the angle of the camera, but they are the windows on

Living Well in the Village of 1947

A neighbor was having a sale last Saturday to clear out bric-a-brac. My trusty companion and I arrived looking for the advertised guitar, which was already sold, so we left with an armful of books for $6 instead. Among the

This Day in History: Silver Towers and the South Village Move Towards Landmark Designation

They’re next door neighbors, but they could not be more different.  One is high-rise and concrete, the other low-rise and brick.  One is modern and geometric, while the other is quaint and irregular.  One is pre-planned and serene, the other

Throwback Thursday: Ghost Signs of the Village

What could be better on Throwback Thursday than taking a look-see at the advertisements of yesteryear that are still visible today? Ghost signs, or fading ads, have been described a number of different ways. The most common is an old

2014 Village Awards Recap

Last evening, as part of GVSHP’s Annual Meeting, we celebrated the best of Greenwich Village, the East Village and NoHo by presenting our annual Village Awards. Each June for the last 24 years, GVSHP has presented the Village Awards to

What’s That Orange Netting On My Neighbor’s Rooftop?

Every so often we get a call or an email here at GVSHP asking about a scaffold-like structure that suddenly pops up on a rooftop of a neighboring building. What is it and what does it mean? Quite simply, more

Maybe You Can Save Your Favorite Restaurant Before It Closes

On a hot summer day in the East Village, when your skin is sticky and the streets are oppressive, there’s nothing quite like escaping into the cool haven of De Robertis Pasticceria and Caffe for an orzata with lemon ice.

2014 Village Award Winner: Unoppressive Non-Imperialist Bargain Books

Located at 34 Carmine Street between Bleecker and Bedford Streets, Unoppressive Non-Imperialist Bargain Books has got a big name and an even bigger place in the hearts of Village neighbors and New York City bibliophiles. Stocking a floor-to-ceiling collection of