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Spot the Shot – Revealed!

This week’s Spot the Shot was taken at 725 Greenwich Street, between Charles & Perry Streets. Have you ever wondered why this row of houses looks more like the Costa del Sol than Greenwich Village? They are two of several

The Oldest Building in the Village?

Call it whatever you’d like: antique, vintage, or historic. If one thing is for certain, the Village is really, really old. Old by New York City standards, and even old by American standards. But which building is the oldest of

Pushcarts on Bleecker Street

Pushcarts on Bleecker Street

When former South Village resident Josette Lee emailed GVSHP a picture of her Dad from the 1970’s standing in front of two pushcarts located on Bleecker Street, we became as curious as she was about when exactly such carts disappeared

Seen and Heard Around the Village 5.22.11 – 5.28.11

Summer means beautiful flowers for sale! Photos from Dance Parade 2011 (Gothamist) Currywurst Bros. Brings Berlin’s Favorite Food to West Village (Fork in the Road) LA Designer Misses East Village Americana Shop (Racked) Riot in Greenwich Village Dunkin’ Donuts Caught

Happy 70th Birthday to the One & Only Bob Dylan!

On May 24, 1941 a baby named Robert Allen Zimmerman was born in Duluth, Minnesota.  Twenty years later, going by Bob Dylan in homage to one of his influences Dylan Thomas, he arrived in Greenwich Village in hopes of meeting

Seen and Heard Around the Village 5.16.11 – 5.20.11

Meat Co. to Leave for NJ (WSJ) Driver Runs Down Narcotics Officer in Village (City Room) Still Got It: Max Restaurant (Gothamist) On Second Thought: Lower Second Avenue (Forgotten NY) NYU-Funded Report Says It’s Great for Village (Crain’s) Amato Opera

Seen and Heard Around the Village: 5.9.11 – 5.13.11

Life After the Amato Opera (EV Grieve) Inauguration of New Organ at Church of the Ascension (NY Times) Birdbath Bakery Now Open on 3rd Avenue (EV Grieve) Wine Shop to Pop Cork on Christopher Street (Crain’s) The End of 35

In Memoriam: Doric Wilson

On May 7, 2011, at the age of 72, Doric Wilson passed away, bestowing immense sadness on the Village and beyond. Doric was a rare gem who wore many hats, tipping them successfully with each role he played.  One of

Seen and Heard Around the Village: 4.25.11 – 4.29.11

Village Bookstores Survive as Borders Dies (NearSay) New York State Landmark Board to Review NYU Expansion Plans (Washington Square News) Then & Now: One Block Of Broome Street (Gothamist) An Early HOWL! This Year (EV Grieve) Goodwill Opens a Curated

A Look Back at the Beatnik Riot

On Sunday, April 9, 1961, what has come to be known as the Beatnik Riot, or Washington Square Folk Riot, took place (see the flashback in the Villager).  Since the 1940’s Washington Square Park had been an epicenter for folk