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Black History Month in the Village: African-American & LGBT Historic Sites

February is Black History Month.  We here at GVSHP are celebrating it by highlighting different sites of significance to the African-American community within our neighborhoods.  We’re focusing on sites found on our new Civil Rights & Social Justice Map, discussing their

Gloria McDarrah — Oral History, and Last Chance to Purchase an Iconic Piece of History

Three year ago today, GVSHP conducted an oral history with Gloria McDarrah, a Village resident for over 60 years and a longtime member of GVSHP.  She worked in publishing, education, and for a while in the 1990’s, at the Landmarks

Black History Month in the Village: Black Churches No Longer Standing

February is Black History Month.  We here at GVSHP are celebrating it by highlighting different sites and locations of significance to African-American history in the Village.  A great source for this is our recently-released Civil Rights & Social Justice Map.  

Black History Month in the Village: The South Village and Little Africa

February is Black History Month.  We here at GVSHP want to celebrate it by highlighting different sites of significance to the African-American community within our neighborhoods.  Over the course of the next month we will be discussing some of these areas

Business of the Month Year In Review

By now the challenges facing small independent local shops are well known.  The good news is there are some solutions.  GVSHP has gone to the New York City Council in support of some of them.  What can you do every day in

LGBT History: Not Just West Village Bars

Here at GVSHP we are excited about our recently launched Village Civil Rights & Social Justice Map.  With our upcoming LGBT history bar crawl at the end of the month (you can sign up for the program here), we thought

113 Years at the Corner of Prince and Thompson Streets

All week we have looked at the rich contents of newly designated Sullivan-Thompson Historic District designation report that was posted last week by the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC). Today we hone in on one of the 157 amazing historic properties included in the

African American history in the Sullivan Thompson Historic District

Off the Grid has previously taken a look at African American history in the South Village, which was home to almost a quarter of the city’s African-American population during the mid-19th century and known as “Little Africa.”  The newly designated Sullivan-Thompson Historic

The Times They Are a-Changin: Village New Year’s Eve, Bob Dylan style!

2016 is coming to an end. What better way to ring in the New Year than at some of Bob Dylan’s old haunts?  Below is a non-exhaustive list of some of the most well known (including ones that have moved)

Sullivan-Thompson, a District of Immigrants

The recently landmarked Sullivan-Thompson Historic District is one of the first historic districts in New York City so designated almost exclusively based upon its immigrant history and working-class architecture. As stated by the LPC research staff in their presentation before