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Many Layers of History at 8th Avenue and 13th Street: Jackson Square Park

This post is part of a series about Village blocks that correspond to calendar dates.   Once again, another August date corresponds with a Village intersection.  Jackson Square Park is located at 8th Avenue and 13th Street, and has had an

Cats and the Village

August 8th is International Cat Day! From pets to pest control, cats make up an important but often overlooked part of NYC and its neighborhoods.  In the Village, you can not only find them in many of the bodegas that

Top Five Greenwich Village Moments in Fourteenth Amendment History

The Fourteenth Amendment, adopted on July 28, 1868, played an important role in setting legal precedents for equality after the Civil War. The most radically worded of the Reconstruction Amendments, it was intended by its post–Civil War Radical Republican sponsors to

When Maxfield Parrish’s Magic Came to Greenwich Village

The great American artist and illustrator Maxfield Parrish was born on July 25, 1870 in Philadelphia.  Born Frederick Parrish, he died more than ninety-five years later on March 30, 1966 in Plainfield, New Hampshire.  In between, he created some of

A Tale of Two Forgotten Alexander Jackson Davis Mansions

Architect Alexander Jackson Davis was born on July 24, 1803.  Davis,  one of the most successful and influential American architects of his generation, is perhaps best known for his association with the Gothic Revival style of architecture and rural settings. 

One Small Step for Man…One Giant Leap for 121 Charles Street!

On July 20, 1969, the Apollo 11 Moon Landing became one of the most defining events of American History in the 20th Century.  Two years prior though, the Village experienced its own “Goodnight Moon Landing” when the house of Margaret

A Decision By the State Was An Important Milestone in Preserving Gansevoort Market

There were many moments to celebrate along the arc of fighting for the protection of the Gansevoort Historic District, also known as the Meatpacking District. One such milestone took place on July 17, 2002, when the New York State Office

A Duel, A Land Sale, and A Very Unusual History (thanks, Aaron Burr)

On this date in 1804, just five days following his infamous duel with Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr sold two plots of land in our neighborhood. Why? Well, he was charged with multiple crimes in New York and New Jersey following the duel,

Many Layers of History at 7th Avenue and 12th Street: St. Vincent’s Hospital

This piece is part of a series about Village blocks that correspond to calendar dates.  You can read some of the other ones here. Another day, another date that corresponds to a Village intersection!  For many in the Village, 7th

A Cast Iron Gem That’s Worn Many Different Hats

The roof of the former McCreery’s Dry Goods Store at the corner of Broadway and 11th Street is obviously an addition. But few know that two different fires in the course of a century destroyed two different roofs. On July