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  • A Walk Around the East Village ca. 1980 with Carole Teller

    One of the facts of life that has always bummed me out is that I can’t visit history, to experience the past first-hand. Thankfully, though, GVSHP has just released Part 2 of our Historic Image Archive collection “Carole Teller’s Changing New York”.  While the entire […]

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  • New York City from the 1970s to 9/11: Through the Lens of Meredith Marciano

    A film industry location scout with a keen eye for settings, Meredith Jacobson Marciano has been an East Village resident since 1986. An avid photographer with an eye for pop culture, ephemera, and architecture, Meredith captured on film some of her favorite places and the […]

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  • It Happened Here: 80’s Music Videos, Part Deux

    It’s been over four years since the original It Happened Here: 80’s Music Videos graced the pages of Off The Grid.  But like all good sequels, this one hopes to be worth the wait. These last dog days of summer often make one think of their […]

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  • Welcome Aboard, Sam Moskowitz

    We here at GVSHP are pleased to welcome Sam Moskowitz aboard, whose first day as GVSHP’s Director of Operations is today.  Sam replaced longtime GVSHP Director of Operations Sheryl Woodruff, who left GVSHP at the end of 2014.

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  • It Happened Here: 80’s Music Videos

    We here at GVSHP spend a great deal of time pouring over archival records and buildings department files to document the history of our neighborhoods — when buildings went up, when they came down, how they once looked, how they changed, etc. (click HERE to […]

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