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Vice President, Villager Shoots and Kills Hamilton

1804. Weehawken.  Dawn.  Guns. Drawn.* Perhaps the most famous duel in American history took place on July 11, 1804, a result of a bitter political rivalry.  Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton had been at loggerheads off and on throughout their

Alexander Hamilton and the Village

The hyped musical “Hamilton” opened on Broadway last weekend to rave reviews. The excitement surrounding the musical and the legacy of Alexander Hamilton, one of the United States’ Founding Fathers, has us reflecting back on Village history and preservation related

Happy “Landmark” Birthday, 203 Prince Street!

Today we’d like to wish 203 Prince Street a happy “landmark” birthday. On this day 41 years ago, in 1974, the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) designated 203 Prince Street an individual landmark. The building is located in the South Village,

Where Once There Was History, A Hole in the Ground

Working in historic preservation, you know that you win some and you lose some.  The forces of real estate in New York are quite powerful, and as passionately as New Yorkers feel about the character and spirit of their city