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Echoes of Bastille Day in Greenwich Village

On July 14, 1789, the Storming of the Bastille was the galvanizing event that kicked off the French Revolution.  The Bastille was a fortress-prison that held both political prisoners and a cache of weapons.  By storming the oppressive structure, the

Bastille Day Remembrance: The South Village Was Once the Quartier Francaise

In honor of Bastille Day this Sunday, July 14, we here at Off the Grid thought we would take a look at the French Quarter, a small area south of Washington Square with a large French population in the latter

Happy Bastille Day!

We know that you all know it’s Bastille Day, but did you know that the South Village once had a large and lively French community?  The 1880 U.S. census showed that a large number of French immigrants were, at this