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  • April 23, 1976: Ramones Debut Album Released; Music Changed Forever

    On April 23, 1976, the Ramones self-titled debut album was released, changing the face of music forever. Clocking in at just 29 minutes, ‘The Ramones’ was the absolute antithesis of the bloated, album-oriented, arena rock of the era. It was quick, it was simple, and […]

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  • The Ramones’ First Performance

    On March 30, 1974, the Ramones played their very first public performance. The Ramones are of course considered the inventors of punk rock, as well as the ultimate downtown band and the embodiment of the CBGB’s scene. The Ramones’ lightning-fast performances rarely lasted more than a […]

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  • Honoring Patti Smith

    On Saturday, December 10, 2016, the extraordinary Patti Smith accepted the Nobel Prize for Literature on behalf of Bob Dylan in Stockholm, Sweden. In a transcendent performance, Smith was overwhelmed with emotion when she stopped mid-performance only to begin again and drive home her powerful […]

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  • This Day in 1979: The Talking Heads’ ‘Life During Wartime’ is released

    On this day in 1979, The Talking Heads released their single ‘Life During Wartime‘ from the album Fear of Music.  The song not only went on the be a classic of the band’s, the era, and the genre, but perhaps no song better captured the […]

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  • Unrecognizable: Former Village Institutions and what has taken their place

    It’s no secret that the Village has changed.  However, due to rising demand for real estate, hyper-gentrification threatens the unique and special fabric of our neighborhoods.  It’s not just small and independent businesses and cultural institutions that are being lost, but the livelihoods of many Village […]

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  • Jean-Michel Basquiat and the East Village art scene of the 1980’s

    Jean-Michel Basquiat’s life and work are synonymous with the East Village/NoHo art scene of the 1980’s.  From his early years as a burgeoning young artist while studying at City-as-School, a progressive high school GVSHP proposed for historic district designation which operates on the principles of John Dewey’s […]

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  • Happy Birthday, Truman Capote

    The writer we know as Truman Capote was born Truman Streckfus Persons on September 30, 1924 in New Orleans. Although he grew up in the South, he and his family moved to New York in 1933, where he lived until moving to Connecticut in 1939. […]

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  • Happy Birthday Combat Rock and Joey Ramone

    We have two great birthdays in the world of punk to mark.  The two celebrants straddle the East and West Village, and both sides of the Atlantic.

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  • The Ramones’ First Public Performances

    The Ramones sprung onto the scene in mid-1974, revolutionizing rock music and performance by reinjecting energy, simplicity, and humor into a genre which had become increasingly serious, self-important, and bloated.  In the midst of presidential scandals and resignations, urban decay, and disintegrating social fabric, the […]

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  • Music in the Village Past and Present

    Music in the Village Past and Present

    A recent post by Rock Cellar Magazine entitled “Rock Meccas of NYC: What Are They Now?” had us here at Off the Grid lamenting the loss of such wonderful music venues as the recently closed Kenny’s Castaways and Bleecker Bob’s Record Store. The article’s then […]

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