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City Council Speaker Chrisine Quinn

  • Quinn and City Must Not Omit Three Key Sites From South Village Landmarking

    Quinn and City Must Not Omit Three Key Sites From South Village Landmarking

    Op-Ed from The Villager newspaper, April 25, 2012 Quinn and city can’t omit 3 key South Village sites Quinn and City Must Not Omit Three Key Sites From South Village Landmarking (if you want to help, write the City and Speaker Quinn today — click […]

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  • Hudson Square Rezoning/South Village Landmarking Deal FAQ

    GVSHP has gotten many inquiries about exactly what the City Council vote last week on the Hudson Square rezoning, and the announcements regarding the proposed South Village Historic District, means for our neighborhood. To help answer those, we have put together a “Frequently Asked Questions” […]

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  • Dowtown, West Side to Lose Voting Power Under Council Redistricting Plan

    After many delays and revisions, the New York City Districting Commission has presented its final proposed new City Council district map to the City Council for approval.  Every ten years, the City Council’s lines, like those of every legislative body in the country, must be […]

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  • Quinn holds the cards on rezoning and landmarking

    From The Villager Newspaper, February 14, 2013 Op-Ed:  Quinn Holds the Cards on Hudson Square Rezoning and South Village Landmarking http://www.thevillager.com/?p=10221 By Andrew Berman, Katy Bordonaro, Zack Winestine, Micki McGee, Richard Blodgett, Carl Rosenstein and Silvia Beam The Hudson Square rezoning currently before the City […]

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  • More Details on Hudson Square Rezoning Decision

    On Wednesday the City Planning Commission voted to approve the proposed Hudson Square Rezoning with some minor modifications, sending it to the City Council.  The Council now has fifty days to hold a public hearing and make a final decision as to whether or not […]

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  • Hudson Square Rezoning and the South Village

    As GVSHP recently announced, the Hudson Square rezoning application is now on the desk of the Manhattan Borough President,  after Community Board #2 pointedly recommended it be turned down UNLESS the neighboring South Village is protected from its impacts through landmarking, allowable building heights in […]

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  • Chelsea Market

    Chelsea Market Should Not Have Been Upzoned

    Just prior to Sandy’s devastation, we reported the disappointing news that the City Council had agreed to approve the upzoning of Chelsea Market and allow a developer to construct two large additions atop the historic complex.  The deal, brokered by City Council Speaker Quinn and […]

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  • The renovated Bleecker Street Sitting Area, which opened this spring.

    Bleecker Street Sitting Area Renovation: 2012 Village Award Winner

    Completed in the spring of this year, the spectacular renovation of the small park at the corner of Bleecker and West 11th streets was the result of a true community effort.  The renovation would not have become a reality without the advocacy and action of […]

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