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East 6th Street

  • When Little Italy Annexed the East Village

    Earlier this year, we were gifted with a truly extraordinary set of photographs from a photographer and longtime East Villager. There’s still some work to be done before we can present you the entire bunch (stay tuned for more on that soon!) but until then, […]

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  • A Tale of Two Tenements: 226 & 228 East 6th Street

    This week we thought we’d take another look at sister tenements – designed by the same architect, built the same year, and located next to each other – in the East Village. Constructed c. 1890 by builder/owner Jobst Hoffman, 226 and 228 East 6th Street […]

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  • Shining a Light on an East Village Landmark

    Recently someone asked me about a building he walked by in the East Village. Showing me a photo of the building on his phone, he figured it was a substation but was curious to learn more. I told him that GVSHP has completed a huge […]

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  • Little India in the East Village

    Many people know that the East Village is abundant with Ukrainian restaurants and Eastern European lunch counters.  They also know that there are plenty of old-school Italian joints to get some authentic red sauce or cannolis.  But another part of the East Village’s mouth-watering culinary […]

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