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  • Women’s Work: Celebrating (More) Amazing Female Artists of the Village

    Scrolling through Off the Grid or any other collection of New York history, we’ve all become familiar with the legendary characters of the Village – Dylan, Kerouac, Hendrix, Duchamp, and the countless figures who have become synonymous with the neighborhood. Alongside them were incredible female […]

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  • Bob Dylan’s First NYC Gig: April 11, 1961

    He blew into town on a cold December day in 1960, slammed the door of his car, walked into Café Wha and landed a gig that night. That’s the legend, anyway. Truth is that he slogged around uptown hustling for gigs in the Theater District […]

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  • Bob Dylan’s South Village

    Bob Dylan in Sheridan Square The South Village has many reasons to be celebrated these days. Of course, the (hopefully) impending designation of the Sullivan Thompson Historic District is a big story for GVSHP. Our 13-year quest to protect all of the areas of the […]

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  • Pete Seeger Anniversary

    Today marks the two year passing of folk music legend Pete Seeger. Seeger was an influential singer, songwriter, and civil rights and anti-war activist. Seeger also founded a nonprofit environmental organization in 1969, Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, to advocate for the environmental clean up of the […]

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  • Folk Music in Greenwich Village: 1961-1970

    The exact date is impossible to confirm. But it is widely accepted that Bob Dylan arrived in New York City on 24 January 1961, in the midst of the coldest winter New York had seen in 28 years. He’d dropped out of the University of […]

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  • The exterior of Kenny's Castaways at 157 Bleecker Street.

    Storied Village Music Venue to Close

      Kenny’s Castaways, the music venue which has been located on Bleecker Street near Thompson Street since 1976, will stage its last performance tonight. Citing rising rents and a decreased audience, the storefront at 157 Bleecker will become a gastro pub that will also feature […]

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  • Happy Birthday Blowin’ In the Wind

    On July 9, 1962, Bob Dylan recorded “Blowin’ In the Wind,” a song destined to become an anthem for a generation, and for the transformative civil rights and peace movements.  Dylan is said to have written “Blowin’ In the Wind” at the Fat Black Pussycat […]

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