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  • Happy New Year!

    Our 2018 Resolutions

    Happy New Year! We here at GVSHP hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and look forward to 2018! Like many people everywhere, GVSHP has also made some resolutions for the New Year.  Some of our biggest goals for this year center on our advocacy efforts, […]

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  • LGBT History in All Corners of the Village: The West Village

    June is Pride Month, which makes it especially exciting time to be in the Village.  LGBT history is closely tied with the Village and environs, and throughout the course of this month we’re focusing on four areas of our neighborhood — the West Village, East […]

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  • Can They Build That? Find out tomorrow night.

    Ever wonder “Can they build that?” when you see one of those grotesque out-of-scale and out-of-context flashy renderings a developer, or even the Mayor, publicize to the world?  Zoning regulations and landmark protections generally determine what is allowed to be built on a site, but […]

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  • What is the Board of Standards and Appeals?

    Want to build higher than you are allowed under existing rezoning?  Or operate a gas station where only residences are allowed?  Or deviate at all from what the zoning of the location allows?  Then you, or your lawyer, will likely have to apply for a variance […]

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  • Happy Birthday, Off the Grid!

    “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” For almost everyone in the workforce this stands out as the most clichéd question you can hear during a job interview.  However, in 5 years a lot can change, develop, and become more than what was originally […]

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  • Support GVSHP’s End of Year Appeal!

    This year has seen some tremendous successes and some huge challenges for GVSHP.  Next year promises to be even bigger, with many projects in motion. Your support makes all the difference between the preservation of our neighborhood’s character and its destruction, and is the foundation of GVSHP’s ability […]

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  • Give GVSHP Gear This Holiday Season

    With the holiday season upon us, it’s good to know that GVSHP offers a variety of Village-themed gifts that they’re sure to love and that you can feel good about purchasing. A portion of every sale goes to support the continuing education, advocacy, and research […]

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