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Hudson Square Rezoning and the South Village

This Sunday, March 13th, is the three year anniversary of the NYC Council Land Use Committee vote to approve the proposed Hudson Square Rezoning. This vote was a significant milestone for GVSHP and our allies, as we had waged a

Alexander Hamilton and the Village

The hyped musical “Hamilton” opened on Broadway last weekend to rave reviews. The excitement surrounding the musical and the legacy of Alexander Hamilton, one of the United States’ Founding Fathers, has us reflecting back on Village history and preservation related

Behind the Seams of the Butterick Building

Do you have childhood memories of your mom sewing your clothes? Or have you ever come across your grandmother’s old sewing machine and huge stash of patterns and fabrics? If you know someone who sews, ask them if they know

City’s Own Data Contradicts Their Claims on Trump SoHo’s Legality — Pt. II

Last November, we showed how — to our amazement — the City’s own “Community Profile” of Community Board #2 categorized the Trump SoHo “Condo-Hotel” as a residential property.  This would make it illegal under the zoning, because when built, the

Quinn and City Must Not Omit Three Key Sites From South Village Landmarking

Op-Ed from The Villager newspaper, April 25, 2012 Quinn and city can’t omit 3 key South Village sites Quinn and City Must Not Omit Three Key Sites From South Village Landmarking (if you want to help, write the City and

South Village at Stake in Hudson Square Rezoning Vote

With the important vote on the Hudson Square rezoning by the City Council’s Zoning Subcommittee this Wednesday, we will find out if the City Council will approve or deny the rezoning, and very importantly, if the City will commit to

City Council Hudson Square Rezoning Vote Postponed

Well, we’ve been waiting for years — though certainly not waiting patiently or quietly — for the long-promised landmark designation of the South Village. Today we found out that it will be yet another couple of days until we find

More Details on Hudson Square Rezoning Decision

On Wednesday the City Planning Commission voted to approve the proposed Hudson Square Rezoning with some minor modifications, sending it to the City Council.  The Council now has fifty days to hold a public hearing and make a final decision

Another Columbus Day without Landmark Protections for the South Village

Monday, October 8, is Columbus Day, a day of recognition of the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the New World 520 years ago as well as a day to celebrate the contributions and heritage of Italian Americans. Though the parade