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  • New York City from the 1970s to 9/11: Through the Lens of Meredith Marciano

    A film industry location scout with a keen eye for settings, Meredith Jacobson Marciano has been an East Village resident since 1986. An avid photographer with an eye for pop culture, ephemera, and architecture, Meredith captured on film some of her favorite places and the […]

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  • The Ramones’ First Performance

    On March 30, 1974, the Ramones played their very first public performance. The Ramones are of course considered the inventors of punk rock, as well as the ultimate downtown band and the embodiment of the CBGB’s scene. The Ramones’ lightning-fast performances rarely lasted more than a […]

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  • Happy Birthday Combat Rock and Joey Ramone

    We have two great birthdays in the world of punk to mark.  The two celebrants straddle the East and West Village, and both sides of the Atlantic.

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  • The Ramones’ First Public Performances

    The Ramones sprung onto the scene in mid-1974, revolutionizing rock music and performance by reinjecting energy, simplicity, and humor into a genre which had become increasingly serious, self-important, and bloated.  In the midst of presidential scandals and resignations, urban decay, and disintegrating social fabric, the […]

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  • (Street) Signs of the Times

    If you haven’t already read it, the Times reported last week on the recent completion of a catalog of New York City’s ‘honorific’ street names designated since 1998. These honorific names are noted with a sign that appears in tandem with a street’s original name […]

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