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Marlis Momber

  • Happy Birthday, Marlis Momber

    NYC has designated this as Immigrant Heritage Week, because on April 17, 1907, more immigrants entered the U.S. through Ellis Island than any other day in history. Today also happens to be the birthday of notable East Village photographer and immigrant Marlis Momber.  For these […]

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  • Immigrant Stories – America’s Greatest Asset

    What makes New York the greatest city in the world? There are many ways to answer that question, but I think one reason rises to the top – New Yorkers themselves. The city’s teeming, diverse population is perhaps its greatest asset and resource. Our most […]

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  • Viva Loisaida!

    This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Loisaida Festival, a celebration of Latino culture, community, and the arts. Marlis Momber, a commercial photographer who moved to and began documenting the East Village and Loisaida in the mid 1970’s, was kind enough to share an […]

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  • Umbrella, Umbrella!

    No, we’re not referencing the catchy pop song of a similar title (although it’s now stuck in our heads!).  We’re talking about the Umbrella House, 21-23 Avenue C, between East 2nd and 3rd Streets- the building with the lively umbrellas suspended from its facade.  Built […]

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