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Minetta Lane

  • Birthday Blog with Charles Busch!

    Charles Busch is the quintessential Villager. A prolific playwright and actor, he has lived in the West Village for most of his adult life. This reporter has been a life-long fan of Charles and so on this, his ??? birthday, I caught up with him […]

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  • Megamansions of the Village

    Throughout the Village, we have seen houses built, and houses demolished.  But sometimes, we see something in between. In some cases, new owners want more space than a traditional Village building can provide them.  As a result, they will buy a couple of townhouses side-by-side or entire […]

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  • Forging a Path Through the Village

    A couple of weeks ago we looked at a variety of buildings in our neighborhoods that at one time served as horse stables, but have since been repurposed. This week, we thought we’d take a look at a building type that is sometimes related to […]

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  • Marking African-American History Month in the Village

    Over the last several weeks GVSHP has been taking a look at the designation report for the new South Village Historic District which we fought ten years to achieve. As February is African-American History Month, now seems like an especially appropriate time to highlight the […]

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  • Map It! Minetta Street, Lane, and…Place?

    We’re gearing up for tomorrow’s LPC public meeting in which the commissioners will vote to “calendar” the proposed South Village Historic District. With this in mind, we thought we’d take a look at some buildings that once existed in the proposed area as part of […]

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  • Mad Men’s Village People

    This Sunday, the Season 6 premiere of Mad Men will transport us back to late 1960s New York.  Along with the characters’ backgrounds, props, and costumes, locations play a big part in shaping the tone of the show as it moves through one of the […]

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  • GVSHP's report: The South Village: A Proposal for Historic District Designation

    Little Africa: Tracing African Americans in the South Village

    For historic preservationists, who often use the built environment as a major source of information about a community’s past, the hardest stories to capture are those where the physical trace no longer remains. We can find evidence of the many communities that have called the […]

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