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  • Mapping Civil Rights and Social Justice — A Year Later

    On January 3, 2017, GVSHP launched our Civil Rights and Social Justice Map.  Something in the air told us there might be a hunger and need for this kind of information.  But even we would not have guessed that the map would receive over 70,000 […]

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  • W.E.B. Du Bois Makes – and Teaches – History at the New School, September 27, 1948

    On September 27, 1948, William Edward Burghardt Du Bois, more commonly known as W.E.B. Du Bois, began teaching the very first African-American history and culture class ever taught at a university, at Greenwich Village’s New School for Social Research. This history-making event appears on GVSHP’s […]

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  • Black History Month in the Village: The NAACP and Martin Luther King Jr.

    February is Black History Month.  We here at GVSHP are celebrating it by highlighting different sites and locations of significance to African-American history in the Village.  A great source for this is our recently-released Civil Rights & Social Justice Map.  Here are just two incredible entries from […]

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  • A Legacy of Activism and Agitation

    This iconic image of activism and advocacy was taken just outside the NAACP’s headquarters on 5th Avenue and 14th Street. The year was 1936, and it was speaking to the crisis of violence and inequality in America. It is estimated that between 1882 and 1951, 4,700 […]

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  • New York City’s First Public Nurse: Lillian Wald

    On September 1, 1940, Lillian Wald passed away.  While not a household name, Wald’s influence on public social services in New York City is exemplary, as she is the founder of the Henry Street Settlement, The Visiting Nurse Services of New York, and is the […]

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