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Oral Histories on the Founding of An Artists’ Colony, A Prison Reform Organization, and So Much More

GVSHP has been conducting and sharing oral histories since the mid-1990s.  As we look back on two powerhouse oral histories, we’re considering the importance of such documents as “the first kind of history,” as “part of the struggle of memory

Otis Kidwell Burger, Who’s Seen the Village From Suffrage to Luxury

West Village history can’t be said to live in any one person, but Otis Kidwell Burger has seen a great deal of it, and holds a great deal more in her family tree. She grew up with abolitionists and suffragists,

Happy Birthday, Tom Bernardin!

Our good friend Tom Bernardin was born on this day in 1948.  A longtime resident of the West Village, Tom is perhaps best known as the “unofficial” historian of Julius’ Bar, and is also a contributor to our oral history collection.

Happy Birthday to Villager Gloria McDarrah!

To celebrate the birthday of Villager and oral history interviewee Gloria McDarrah, we’re reposting an earlier Off the Grid piece written by Lauren Snetiker. Since writing this piece, GVSHP has released even more oral history interviews. See a full list

Happy Birthday, Housing Activist Frances Goldin

“This is my home, and I love it here” Frances Goldin said about the Lower East Side, her home for over 70 years. GVSHP loves Fran (as she likes to be called) and we celebrate her seven decades (!!!) of

New GVSHP Oral History: Otis Kidwell Burger

The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation recently released two new oral histories. Today, we dive into Otis Kidwell Burger‘s.

Happy Birthday, Marlis Momber

NYC has designated this as Immigrant Heritage Week, because on April 17, 1907, more immigrants entered the U.S. through Ellis Island than any other day in history. Today also happens to be the birthday of notable East Village photographer and

Veselka Then and Now

Three years ago today, GVSHP conducted an oral history interview with Veselka owner and GVSHP Trustee Tom Birchard. Tom is the son-in-law of Veselka’s original owner, who in 1954 bought a candy shop from a retiring Italian couple. It became a

Peter Ruta, Acclaimed Artist & Villager, 1918-2016

Peter Ruta, born February 7th, 1918, recently passed away on November 16th, 2016, at his home in Westbeth with wife and family. He was 98 years old. Peter’s life and work were a great inspiration to many, as he overcame incredible

Immigrant Stories – America’s Greatest Asset

What makes New York the greatest city in the world? There are many ways to answer that question, but I think one reason rises to the top – New Yorkers themselves. The city’s teeming, diverse population is perhaps its greatest