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Closed On this Day in 1963: A History of the Spring Street Church

On December 14th, 1963, the Presbytery of the City of New York officially voted that the historic Spring Street Presbyterian Church would close its doors at the end of the month of December, with the last service to be held

Black History Month in the Village: Black Churches No Longer Standing

February is Black History Month.  We here at GVSHP are celebrating it by highlighting different sites and locations of significance to African-American history in the Village.  A great source for this is our recently-released Civil Rights & Social Justice Map.  

Tales from the Crypt: Greenwich Village as seen through its burial sites

Burial spaces serve a wide variety of purposes: religious, political, socioeconomic.  For example, a graveyard might demarcate the boundary of a church or private property, while the kind of interment that was undertaken (burial, cremation, mausoleum) might give insight into

When Broken Zoning Rules Lead to Exhumed Bones

Working in historic preservation you sometimes find yourself dealing with things you never expect. On this date in 2006, GVSHP wrote to Mayor Bloomberg regarding a 19th century abolitionist church graveyard that had been dug up and disturbed in the