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St. Mark’s Historic District Extension

  • St. Mark’s in the Bowery: Sam Shepard’s First Theatrical Home

     “…But who knows what is real anyway? Reality is overrated. What remains are the words scrawled upon an unwinding panorama, vestiges of dusty stills peeled from memory, a threnody of gone voices drifting across the American plain. The One Inside is a coalescing atlas marked by […]

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  • St. Marks’ Historic District Extension, Designated June 19, 1984

    The St. Mark’s Historic District Extension was designated 15 years after the St. Mark’s Historic District and only consists of two buildings, 102 and 104 East 10th Street.  But they are quite an important pair of buildings, which one might be surprised were not included […]

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  • More is More: The St. Mark’s Historic District Extension

    In this series, ‘More is More,’ we will look at extensions of historic districts in our area.  Extensions to historic districts are just what they sound like — additions to previously-designated historic districts that abut the original district and are determined to share not just […]

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  • GVSHP East Village Oral History: Marilyn Appleberg

    Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation is excited to share our oral history collection with the public, and hope they will shed more light on what makes Greenwich Village and the East Village such unique and vibrant areas.  Each of these histories highlights the experiences and […]

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  • South Village named one of Seven to Save

    Happy Birthday to Four NYC Landmark Districts

    Two years ago today, the Greenwich Village Historic District Extension II, or what GVSHP terms the South Village Phase I District, was designated by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission. It seems that come this time in June, many new landmark districts are born.

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