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St. Mark’s Historic District

  • St. Mark’s in the Bowery: Sam Shepard’s First Theatrical Home

     “…But who knows what is real anyway? Reality is overrated. What remains are the words scrawled upon an unwinding panorama, vestiges of dusty stills peeled from memory, a threnody of gone voices drifting across the American plain. The One Inside is a coalescing atlas marked by […]

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  • More is More: The St. Mark’s Historic District Extension

    In this series, ‘More is More,’ we will look at extensions of historic districts in our area.  Extensions to historic districts are just what they sound like — additions to previously-designated historic districts that abut the original district and are determined to share not just […]

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  • The Flatirons of the Village and the East Village

    On September 20th, 1966, the Flatiron Building was designated a New York City landmark.  One of New York’s most beloved and iconic landmarks, the Flatiron Building is known for (among other things) its unique shape, formed by the intersection of Broadway and 5th Avenue forming an acute […]

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  • March 14th — A Big Day for Village Birthdays

    March 14th — A Big Day for Village Birthdays

    March 14th is a date when several people with important connections to the Village will celebrate, or would have celebrated, their birthdays.  

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  • The Art of the Artist’s Studio

    These beautiful late summer days have got us thinking about sun and sky.  Which has us thinking about that most iconic of Village architectural features, the artist’s studio. So we thought we’d use the occasion of these warm August days to conduct a brief survey […]

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  • Great Scot! The Designs of D. & J. Jardine

    Today we thought we’d feature a few designs by the late 19th century architecture firm of D. & J. Jardine. A prolific firm in New York City in general, the work of D. & J. Jardine can also be found in five historic districts and […]

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  • LPC Spotlights Women in the Arts

    March is Women’s History Month; the month-long celebration highlights the accomplishments of women in various fields throughout our history. With so much to choose from in New York City alone, the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) has put together a slideshow of designated landmarks with 19th […]

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  • St. Mark's Church in the Bowery

    Happy Anniversary St. Mark’s Historic District!

    On January 14, 1969, the St. Mark’s Historic District was designated. The district was one of the first historic district designations by the newly created Landmarks Preservation Commission. The district also includes the GVSHP’s home in the Neighborhood Preservation Center on East 11th Street, which […]

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  • An information page for the St. Mark's Historic District on the Neighborhood Preservation Center's designation database.

    Check out an historic building near you – no special knowledge required

    Designation reports are detailed documents created by New York City’s Landmarks Preservation Commission at the time a building or district is landmarked. These reports often serve as guidelines when the Commission needs to determine the appropriateness of future changes to the property. So what do […]

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  • Come Out to Weigh In on East Village Landmarks

    Tomorrow, July 12th, marks a big day for landmark review in the East Village. That’s because Community Board 3‘s Landmarks Subcommittee will be holding its first public hearing regarding proposed alterations to two landmarked properties in the St. Mark’s Historic District. GVSHP will be attending […]

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