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“Not Another Starbucks” Rally Today

When word got out that a Starbucks was slated to open for the nearly 10,000 sq. ft. space at 125 St. Mark’s Place at Avenue A, it was seen as yet another corporate chain store encroachment in the neighborhood. Coming

Support Small Businesses, Today at City Hall

Ever walk by those many empty storefronts, or past the multitude of metastizing chainstores, and wonder what can be done to preserve and protect our small businesses? Today there is a hearing at City Hall by New York City Council

Just What We Need…Another Starbucks, Courtesy of NYU

Waverly Place and Mercer Street is just east of  Washington Square Park.   This unique part of town is still world renowned for history, culture, arts, creativity and  university intellect.  Just the place we need… another Starbucks.

Another Chase? Don’t Bank On It

We were – to put it calmly – a tad bothered when we read recently on EV Grieve that 160 Second Avenue (corner of East 10th Street), the former home of Cafe Centosette, would house a Chase Bank/Starbucks combination package.