Tag: The South Village: A Proposal for Historic District Designation

Thirteen Years Ago, An Idea: Landmark the South Village

Thirteen years ago tomorrow, on November 11th, 2003, GVSHP launched our campaign to protect the South Village. GVSHP partnered with the Preservation League of New York State, elected officials, other community groups, neighborhood residents, and Our Lady of Pompeii Church to

The South Village and Prohibition

On July 31, 1923, the New York Times featured an article about an injunction against seven places of business located in the South Village that served alcohol against the strictures of the Volstead Act, or Prohibition. The article refers to

Numbers Belie City’s Argument on South Village Landmarking

The Landmarks Preservation Commission’s (LPC) response to pleas to consider the entire proposed South Village Historic District for landmark designation, as LPC Chair Robert Tierney promised to do in 2009, has frequently been to say that they have spent enough

GVSHP's report: The South Village: A Proposal for Historic District Designation

Little Africa: Tracing African Americans in the South Village

For historic preservationists, who often use the built environment as a major source of information about a community’s past, the hardest stories to capture are those where the physical trace no longer remains. We can find evidence of the many