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  • A New Way To Preserve, and Learn From, History

    We here at GVSHP work hard to honor, celebrate, and perhaps most importantly learn from our history. There were uplifting triumphs and disappointing setbacks, incredible progress and devastating losses, tremendous innovations and inexplicable reversals.   This may be more important to remember today than ever. […]

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  • Hess Triangle: What was Once the Smallest Piece of Property in New York City

    One of the quirkiest and most beloved icons of the Village and its propensity for non-conformity, defying the street grid, and embracing a diminutive scale is also the smallest piece of property to ever be privately owned in New York City. The story of the […]

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  • The Small Business Spring of 2015

    It was just shy of a month ago, on March 5, that a forum called “Solutions to Save Small Businesses, Art and Cultural Institutions” was held at Judson Memorial Church, sponsored by The Villager and Village Independent Democrats. It was attended by an audience fed […]

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  • University Place and Broadway in the Crosshairs

    BY ANDREW BERMAN  |  Imagine a young developer from a big New York real estate family wants to make a name for himself. He decides to do so by developing a luxury high-rise tower in the heart of Greenwich Village that will be one of the […]

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  • Living Well in the Village of 1947

    A neighbor was having a sale last Saturday to clear out bric-a-brac. My trusty companion and I arrived looking for the advertised guitar, which was already sold, so we left with an armful of books for $6 instead. Among the lode were two Greenwich Village […]

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  • Quinn holds the cards on rezoning and landmarking

    From The Villager Newspaper, February 14, 2013 Op-Ed:  Quinn Holds the Cards on Hudson Square Rezoning and South Village Landmarking http://www.thevillager.com/?p=10221 By Andrew Berman, Katy Bordonaro, Zack Winestine, Micki McGee, Richard Blodgett, Carl Rosenstein and Silvia Beam The Hudson Square rezoning currently before the City […]

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  • Newest Library Acquisition

    Over the summer we told you about the 1959 Greenwich Village Guide book published under the auspices of The Villager newspaper.  This past week GVSHP received a donation to our library which included a 1947 version of the Greenwich Village Guide.  This edition features advertisements […]

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