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  • Pier air rights may open a Pandora’s box of development

    Talking Point     Read the full article here   July 18, 2013 BY ANDREW BERMAN  |  In late June we learned that the state Assembly and Senate had passed legislation that, among other things, allows the sale of air rights from piers within the […]

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  • Quinn holds the cards on rezoning and landmarking

    From The Villager Newspaper, February 14, 2013 Op-Ed:  Quinn Holds the Cards on Hudson Square Rezoning and South Village Landmarking http://www.thevillager.com/?p=10221 By Andrew Berman, Katy Bordonaro, Zack Winestine, Micki McGee, Richard Blodgett, Carl Rosenstein and Silvia Beam The Hudson Square rezoning currently before the City […]

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  • Hudson Square Rezoning and the South Village

    As GVSHP recently announced, the Hudson Square rezoning application is now on the desk of the Manhattan Borough President,  after Community Board #2 pointedly recommended it be turned down UNLESS the neighboring South Village is protected from its impacts through landmarking, allowable building heights in […]

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  • Chelsea Market

    Chelsea Market Should Not Have Been Upzoned

    Just prior to Sandy’s devastation, we reported the disappointing news that the City Council had agreed to approve the upzoning of Chelsea Market and allow a developer to construct two large additions atop the historic complex.  The deal, brokered by City Council Speaker Quinn and […]

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