Purchase your tickets for GVSHP’s Annual House Tour!

Purchase your tickets for GVSHP’s Annual House Tour!
May 1st is our annual house tour

May 1st is our annual house tour!

Spring means many wonderful things for Greenwich Village: Wisteria is in full bloom, Washington Square Park is full of life, and during our annual house tour several lucky people get an inside peek at some of the most beautiful and creative homes this side of 14th Street.

This year’s tour is on Sunday, May 1st, and promises to delight with an array of homes ranging from quirky to traditional: a stately Italianate home with an elaborately-paneled entrance and intricate, original moldings; an artist’s townhouse and studio with surprising hidden features, including a backyard treehouse; a 350-square foot apartment with a grand sense of style accessed by a splendid shared courtyard; an art collector’s two-floor retreat featuring a life-sized mosaic tile tree; an extra-wide townhouse with Victorian-era details, once the home of Emily Post; and a traditional townhouse featuring a restored stoop and façade and an interior rich with period detail, some salvaged from other Village residences.

Today marks the official release of individual tour tickets, so grab yours now!

Peek inside some of the Village's most special homes

Click here to see photos from last year’s house tour.

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Elizabeth Finkelstein was GVSHP's Director of Preservation & Research from Summer 2008 to January 2012.

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