Who ya gonna call?! Happy anniversary Ghostbusters

Who ya gonna call?! Happy anniversary Ghostbusters
The Washington Square Ghost!

This is an updated version of a post from 2011.

    The Washington Square Ghost!

That’s right folks, we’re talking about Ghostbusters! Today marks the anniversary of the release of the classic film, which spawned a sequel, two animated television series, and a 2016 reboot. When released, the film was the most successful comedy in film history.

The film was largely filmed on location in New York City, which was familiar territory to the cast, writers, and director, who were largely Saturday Night Live alumni.  In fact, the city, its buildings, its architecture, where in many ways a leading character in the movie.

One examples was the famous firehouse that stood in as the fictional headquarters of the movie detectives which has gotten a lot of press over the years.  Located in Tribeca, this building faced an unsure future as it was slated for closure under City budget cuts.

Now, although we love Tribeca, it is not in GVSHP’s catchment area.  Lucky for us, though, we found our own Ghostbuster’s claim to fame right in Washington Square Park!  Remember that big, pink ghost in Ghostbusters 2?  According to Ghostbuster’s Wiki, the “Washington Square Ghost appears during the point in the movie when the Ghostbusters were committed and Vigo has Oscar and Dana Barrett at the Manhattan Museum of Art.” But – the Washington Square Ghost was never seen being caught by the Ghostbusters, so watch out next time you take a stroll under the arch!

    The Ghostbusters are cheered on by crowds as they arrive to meet the Mayor.

Another Ghostbusters-Greenwich Village connection?  Well, a 14 year old New York City high school student traveling to the NYC Municipal Building to do some research in the fall of 1983 was plucked off the street, along with several other passersby, to stand in as extras for the filming of the crowd scene where the Ghostbusters arrive at to meet with the Mayor of New York City. That student?  GVSHP’s Executive Director since 2002 Andrew Berman.

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Dana was GVSHP's Programs and Administrative Associate from 2010 to 2013.

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