Village Sweet Spots

Village Sweet Spots
L: I Love U Puzzle at Jacques Torres; R: truffles at Choclate Bar

Calling all procrastinators!  It’s not too late to buy your special someone a tasty chocolate treat.  To make your last-minute Valentine’s shopping easier we’ve put together a list of our favorite Village chocolate spots!

L: Black Hound cakes; R: lavender infused truffles from Bond Street Chocolate

Let’s start in the East Village….
Bond Street Chocolate, 63 East 4th Street; specialty- luxurious flavored infusions like tequila and elderflower
Black Hound, 170 2nd Avenue; specialty- 3-inch decadent chocolate cakes perfect for sharing

L: Varsano's; R: Li-Lac

Moving to the West side….
Varsano’s, 172 West 4th Street; specialty- homemade never-fail deliciousness
Li-Lac Chocolates, 40 8th Avenue; specialty- homemade old-word techniques since 1923 with everything from caramel to fudge to chocolate covered fruit
Jacques Torres– 350 Hudson Street; specialty- fanciful creations like chocolate lips and puzzles
Chocolate Bar– 19 8th Avenue; specialty- spicy brownies and the peanut butter & jelly truffle

L: I Love U Puzzle at Jacques Torres; R: truffles at Choclate Bar

If you want to take the chocolate consumption one step further and make an evening out of it, there are some delicious sit-down spots that cater to the chocolate-lover.  On the East side there is the bustling Max Brenner at 841 Broadway.  The “chocolate by the bald man” spot offers treats like chocolate pizzas, martinis, and fondues that are great to linger over with a loved one.   On the West side is newcomer Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar– the combination in the title says it all.  So, this February 14th, give your special someone a chocolate “I love you” from one of these great Village locations!!

L: chocolate pizza from Max Brenner; R: chocolate and wine at Ayza

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