Carmine Street Garage on East 4th Street

Carmine Street Garage on East 4th Street
more vintage cars lines the street

the set where Boardwalk Empire will be filmed

Don’t let this title confuse you- it’s the magic of Hollywood!  GVSHP’s favorite prohibition-era series Boardwalk Empire is back filming in the East Village today, in the empty lot next to 220 East 4th Street.  Above the entrance-way to the lot a large sign was erected reading “Carmine Street Garage.”  When the show’s plot detours from its home of Atlantic City, it often visits with New York mobsters, including Arnold Rothstein and Charles “Lucky” Luciano.  The latter, who would go on to be the father of the modern Genovese crime family, was a Sicilian immigrant, as were many of his peers.  Therefore, it makes perfect sense that a scene would take place on Carmine Street- a main thoroughfare of the Italian South Village.  To illustrate that the scene is of a garage, East 4th Street was filled with 1920s-era Ford vehicles, original models I was told by one passerby.  Another nice touch of the scenery- clothes lines draped along the front and backs of the tenement buildings, something that would have been extremely common at the time.  Let’s take a look.

faux Prohibition era establishments were created on storefronts across from the lot

what could the wooden structure be?

Clotheslines create a period feel

vintage cars

more vintage cars lines the street

If you were at the scene today and got any other pictures, especially those of the actors, we would love to see them!

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Dana was GVSHP's Programs and Administrative Associate from 2010 to 2013.

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