Village People: Aaron Burr

Village People: Aaron Burr
Aaron Burr.

(This post is part of a series called Village People: A Who’s Who of Greenwich Village, which will explore some of this intern’s favorite Village people and stories.)

aaron burrWe don’t usually associate Aaron Burr with the Village. (I personally always associate him with New Jersey, where he was born, where he killed Alexander Hamilton, and where he is buried.) However, there are plenty of sites associated with him here. Burr’s mansion at Richmond Hill was situated where Varick and Charleton Streets now intersect, and his fountain and front gate were at the triangle intersection on MacDougal Street. His carriage house was supposedly at 17 Barrow Street, where Two if by Land, One of by Sea is now. (The restaurant is rumored to be haunted by his ghost!) 127 and 129 MacDougal Street were also part of his property, having been built for him in 1829.

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Tasha was an intern at GVSHP in the fall of 2014. She did her undergraduate work on the history of gender and sexuality.

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