Two Village Ghost Stories!

Two Village Ghost Stories!
11 Bank Street. Photo courtesy of

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As a surprise Halloween treat, this year’s Bowery Boys ghost stories podcast is focused all on the Village! While some of the stories are quite familiar to us at GVSHP, two particularly caught our eyes and ears: one about a haunted NYU dorm and the other about a townhouse on Bank Street…

Brittany Residence Hall

Brittany Residence Hall

Built in 1929, the Brittany Residence Hall on 10th Street and across from Grace Church began its life as an apartment hotel.  However, it was during the construction of this hotel that a little girl named Molly allegedly plummeted to her death in the open elevator shaft of the unfinished building.  Molly is said to haunt the Brittany, causing students to hear strange noises and experience unexpected phenomena as Molly looks for new “playmates.”

11 Bank Street House

11 Bank Street. Photo courtesy of

In 1931, 51-year-old Village resident Elizabeth Bullock was struck and killed by a car on Hudson Street.  She was cremated and her ashes given to a friend who had been living in a boarding house at 11 Bank Street.  17 years later, engineer Harvey Slatin and artist Yeffe Kimball move into the property and begin returning it to a single-family dwelling.  However, during their initial months in the house they began experiencing creepy phenomena — footsteps and hammering during early morning hours by people who weren’t there.  It was only after a ceiling was dismantled that they stumbled onto a truly gruesome find: a metal container holding the ashes of Elizabeth Bullock.  Though the haunting stopped with the recovery of the remains, Slatin and Kimball didn’t lay Elizabeth to rest after the discovery, instead choosing to keep the canister on their piano as a macabre conversation piece.

Know a Village ghost story or have experience with a haunting of your own in a Village location? Please share with us your experience below!

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One comment on “Two Village Ghost Stories!
  1. Matthew Morowitz Anne Pratt Slatin says:

    Actually, Elizabeth’s ashes were buried in 1979 in Table Rock Cemetery, in northern California, facilitated by Father Thomas Devereaux. Elizabeth is still up to her friendly antics at 11 Bank, however, so is still in residence in NYC. Our son, Tom, and I, now own 11 Bank. Yeffe died in 1978, and Harvey in 2013. I was married to Harvey for 35 years. I am a member of GVSHP and was very active in the West Village Committee when Bill Bowser was alive.

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