Quiz-How well do you know the St. Mark’s Historic District?

Quiz-How well do you know the St. Mark’s Historic District?

Welcome to the St Mark's Historic District Quiz!
One of New York City’s most charming and distinctive corners celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019 as a landmark district. The St. Mark’s Historic District, designated January 14, 1969, contains fewer than 40 buildings on parts of just three blocks. But this extraordinary East Village enclave contains several notable superlatives, including Manhattan’s oldest house still in use as a residence, New York’s oldest site of continuous religious worship, Manhattan’s only true east-west street, the remains of the last Dutch Governor of New Netherland, and the only “triangle” of houses attributed to celebrated 19th century architect James Renwick. Take the quiz to test your knowledge!

There are only four questions, so begin here:


What is the oldest house in Manhattan still used as a residence?

232 East 11th Street, the Rectory

119 East 10th Street

44 Stuyvesant Street



What is the "newest" structure in the District?

123-125 East 10th Street


37 Stuyvesant Street (at right)

232 East 11th Street, the Rectory


3. When General Lafayette returned to America fifty years after the Revolutionary War, a reception honoring him was thrown here.

21 Stuyvesant Street

St Mark's Church in the Bowery

119 East 10th Street


Who is the nice park and triangle in the St. Mark’s Historic District named for?


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  1. Harry Bubbins carole teller says:

    Love it—
    A quiz is fun and challenging.
    Even a question a day would be amusing

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