Author: Amanda
Amanda was GVSHP's Director of Preservation & Research from January 2012 to July 2015.

121 Charles Street: A Chat with Ingrid Bernhard

Long-time Off the Grid readers will remember the stir that was caused last summer when an ill-informed real estate listing described the property at 121 Charles Street as a development site. GVSHP was quick to let people know that the

Diana Davies Collection of Historic LGBT Images

Following on some groundbreaking events last week – the LPC designation of the Stonewall Inn as the city’s first LGBT individual landmark and then the Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality – we thought we’d feature some historic images taken

Building (817) Broadway: Remembering George B. Post

On the corner of 12th Street, the highly ornamented 817 Broadway is a visual treat. The building, which turns 120 years old this year, was constructed in 1895 to the designs of prolific architect George B. Post. Post designed several

Where Was Laura Keene’s Theatre?

In remembering the 150th anniversary of the Lincoln assassination, the Merchant’s House Museum displayed a dress in the house that was worn by a member of the Tredwell family to an entertainment venue known as Laura Keene’s Theatre. In one

What the Lower East Side Means to Me

The Lower East Side means many things to many people. Working as an architectural historian in New York City, it means a great deal to me. I always consider it a joy to travel the world and learn the history

Sunday, May 3rd – Our Village House Tour!

Okay, everyone, if you’ve been considering joining us for our annual house tour, but haven’t yet purchased tickets,then now is your chance! It’s this Sunday, May 3rd from 1 – 5:30 PM. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind opportunity to

2015 House Tour Preview: The Studio of Jack Levine

We’re just under two weeks away from our annual house tour. We hope you’ll be joining us! Six Village townhouses will be opening their doors to help benefit the work of the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation. Tickets can

Our 2015 House Tour Preview: Bleecker Gardens

We’re excited to announce that individual tickets for our 17th annual house tour are now available for purchase! There are a number of different types; scroll to the bottom of the page to buy individual tickets. As we gear up

Broadway and 14th Street, Then & Now

The history of Broadway is a diverse one. In our neighborhood, this famous thoroughfare has seen upscale townhouses be replaced by store-and-loft buildings, many of which have since been converted to apartment buildings. For a long period of time, clothing

Where Did Ross on “Friends” Live?

It seems like there are countless mentions on the Internet of the apartment building in which Monica, Rachel, Chandler, and Joey lived on “Friends,” the hit show that ran from 1994-2004. Even we here on Off the Grid wrote about