Author: Andito
Andito Lloyd was GVSHP's East Village & Special Projects Director from Spring 2011 to Spring 2013.

Huddie “Lead Belly” Ledbetter, Musician Who Inspired Generations

Louisiana’s notorious Angola State Prison.  Folk singer Pete Seeger.  The Dry Dock District in Alphabet City.  The Library of Congress.  Kurt Cobain. Seemingly unrelated, right? Not exactly. They are all connected to legendary folk musician Huddie William “Lead Belly” Ledbetter,

BSA Grants Variances on East 9th Street

In September the Board of Standards and Appeals voted to grant variances to the Mutliple Dwelling Law to allow rooftop additions to be built at 329, 331, 333 & 335 East 9th Street. Though we are not pleased with the

Bittersweet Anniversary for Provincetown Playhouse

On November 22, 1918, the first performances were staged at the Village’s renowned Provincetown Playhouse in the theater company’s permanent home. Founded in 1915 in Massachusetts as the Provincetown Players by a group of writers and actors, the theater company

Brownstone Quarry That Helped Build New York Closes

“Brownstones occupy a unique place in the New York psyche, as one of the city’s most prototypical signposts, like yellow cabs and fast walkers, yet are able to stir aching desire and teeth-baring jealousy. Everybody wants one.”

75 First Ave.: The Incredible Shrinking Development Plan

We have recently learned that a new building permit application has been filed with the Department of Buildings for 75 First Avenue in the East Village. The permit, just filed and not yet approved, calls for an 8-story residential building. 

Another Columbus Day without Landmark Protections for the South Village

Monday, October 8, is Columbus Day, a day of recognition of the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the New World 520 years ago as well as a day to celebrate the contributions and heritage of Italian Americans. Though the parade

Board of Standards and Appeals Green Lights Rooftop Additions in East Village

The Board of Standards and Appeals recently decided in favor of developers seeking to build rooftop additions at 329-335 East 9th Street and to allow illegally built additions to remain at 514-516 East 6th Street.  GVSHP, residents, community advocates, as

Finally, East Village/Lower East Side Historic District Scheduled for Vote

We recently learned that the proposed East Village/Lower East Side Historic District has been scheduled for a vote by the Landmarks Preservation Commission on October 9.  Since the district was announced nearly a year and a half ago, GVSHP and

What’s In a Name? The Fireman’s Memorial Garden

As we continue to document the research we have compiled on every building and site in the East Village, we run across some incredible stories of the neighborhood’s history. Such is the case for a site at 358-362 East 8th

“On the Road” Published

The seminal tome of the Beat generation, Jack Kerouac’s novel, “On the Road,” was published  on September 5, 1957.  Though written in 1951 on a continuous 120 foot roll of paper it took many years and many revisions to finally