Author: Andrew Berman
Andrew Berman has been the Executive Director of GVSHP since 2002.

Jared Kushner’s (Preservation) Record

The Donald has been getting a lot of attention lately, what with his running for President and all.  So too has his family, which is being touted as an integral part of his campaign apparatus, and his most intimate advisors.

Welcome Aboard, Lannyl Stephens

Today we are happy to announce that Lannyl Stephens has joined the team as our new Director of Development and Special Events.  On the heels of the 18th Annual Spring House Tour, which she directed, she comes on board to

Further Proof That Landmarking Does Not Hurt Affordability, and Unfettered Development Doesn’t Help

Earlier this week the NYU Furman Center, which studies real estate development and urban policies, issued a report analyzing trends in gentrification in New York City from 1990-2014. Our ears pricked up, as the Real Estate Board of New York

Continuing the Work of Jane Jacobs

Here at GVSHP, we have a special connection to Jane Jacobs — not only because she was on our Board of Advisors until her death in 2006, but because her activism and ideas were so firmly rooted in the Village,

Happy Birthday Greenwich Village Historic District

Note: This is an updated version of a post originally written by Drew Durniak Map of the Greenwich Village Historic District. Click to enlarge. On April 29th, 1969, mayor John Lindsay was still smarting from the botched cleanup of the

Celebrating 51 Years of Landmarking

Fifty-one years ago today, on April 19, 1965, the New York City landmarks law went into effect.  A year-long celebration of the 50th anniversary of the landmarks law has been spearheaded by Landmarks50, an incredible coalition of which GVSHP is

The Death and Life of Louis Sullivan

On this day in 1924, the architect Louis Sullivan, the “father of modernism,” key figure of the Chicago and the Prairie Schools of Architecture, progenitor of the skyscraper and coiner of the phrase “form follows function,” died. None of these descriptors

43 MacDougal Street: A Happy Ending At Last?

Five years ago we wrote about the terrible, deteriorating conditions at 43 MacDougal Street, a landmarked, 1846 Greek Revival townhouse at the corner of King Street in the King-Charlton-VanDam Historic District.  The building had been neglected to the point of near-abandonment

Five Hundred Years Ago, The First Ghetto Is Founded

Five hundred years ago today, on March 29, 1516, the Venice Ghetto was established by decree of the Venice Ruling Council.  The very first ghetto, it was a tiny 2 1/2 block area on a small, dirty island housing over

How Greenwich Village Saved Piet Mondrian

The great modern painter Piet Mondrian was born on this day, March 7th, in 1872. Mondrian (born Pieter Cornelis Mondriaan) is perhaps most closely associated with the De Stijl movement of the 1910’s and 20’s in his native Netherlands, and with ‘mod’ French fashion