Author: Drew
Drew was GVSHP's Director of Administration until March 2015.

Village Businesses of the 1930s

  GVSHP has always been concerned about the status of small businesses, whether they be restaurants, theaters, or small shops. We also recognize outstanding local businesses as part of our Annnual Village Awards ceremony every June. Today we thought we’d

Tompkins Temperance

From its days as beer-loving Kleindeutschland to the throngs of SantaCon attendees today, the East Village has been known – for good or ill – as a place where it’s not difficult to find a drink. It’s partly that reputation

A Stroll Down 14th Street

From November 1975 to September 1976, artist Roy Colmer photographed more than 3,000 Manhattan doorways to create an art project called Doors, NYC.  The New York Public Library, which houses the collection, notes that the project “was as much an

West 12th Street: Then and Now

The view above looking west on West 12th Street from Eighth Avenue taken in 1929 shows how the northern end of Abingdon Square has changed over the years. Though the five-story building on the right at the corner of West

Memphis on the Hudson

We look at historic buildings and documents a lot here on Off the Grid. Many times we cast our gaze back centuries to the 1780s or 1880s, but this time we thought we’d look a little closer to home –

Constructing Lafayette Street

Street construction is a constant part of New York life. The jackhammers, the dust, and the diverted traffic all conspire to fray one’s nerves and disrupt one’s day. This view looking north on Lafayette Street from Houston Street shows one

Changing Views on Seventh Avenue South

The image above was taken in 1933. It’s a view looking across Seventh Avenue South, northwest toward Grove Street. In addition to the price of gasoline (eight gallons for $1.05 at the ‘Sheridan’ Shell gas station in the photo), some

Looking Up: The Schermerhorn Building

This post is part of the Looking Up series, which explores the unique architectural and historical stories that can be discovered when we raise our gaze above the sidewalk, the storefront, and the second floor. The Schermerhorn Building at the

101 Avenue A: From German Bars to DayGlo Stars

On June 19, 2008, 101 Avenue A, home to the Pyramid Club, was found eligible for listing on the State and National Registers of Historic Places after GVSHP researched and nominated it for consideration. The listing highlighted both the unique

Throwback Thursday: Behind the Scenes of 75 ½ Bedford Street

After the great Frank O’Hara plaque unveiling earlier this week (you can view video and photos from the event), today we thought we’d take a look at another celebrated Village poet — Edna St. Vincent Millay, with this recent look