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A year ago today, the horrible Intro. 775 was heard, later passed

With a raft of demolition permits in the air, it reminds us that a year ago today one of the most anti-preservation pieces of legislation was first heard at the NYC Council Land Use committee. Intro 775 had a purported goal of protecting landmarks,

Jane Jacobs Round Up!

Last night, Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, alongside the Neighborhood Preservation Center and Village Alliance, celebrated Jane Jacobs by hosting a trivia night about her life, work, and accomplishments. 

What is the Board of Standards and Appeals?

Want to build higher than you are allowed under existing rezoning?  Or operate a gas station where only residences are allowed?  Or deviate at all from what the zoning of the location allows?  Then you, or your lawyer, will likely have

When Pavement Was Pretty: New York’s Cobblestone Streets

When we think of a typical historic neighborhood, what do we picture? Brick or stone buildings, to be sure. Tree-lined streets, maybe. But more often than not, I bet your mind turns to the streets themselves – paved, not in

2016 Village Award Winner: Save Gansevoort

Off the Grid is highlighting the 2016 Village Awards winners in the lead up to the June 14th Annual Meeting & Award Ceremony. Click here for more information about the event and to RSVP. Read about other awardees here. Each year GVSHP presents a special

The Air Up There

You can buy bottled water.  You can buy plots of land. And in New York (and some other places), you can buy air rights. But what are “air rights?” An increasingly common component of development across NYC, “air rights” are a type of

Celebrating 51 Years of Landmarking

Fifty-one years ago today, on April 19, 1965, the New York City landmarks law went into effect.  A year-long celebration of the 50th anniversary of the landmarks law has been spearheaded by Landmarks50, an incredible coalition of which GVSHP is

Really, Really, Ridiculously Awful (and probably illegal) Billboards

Nine years ago today, on a freezing cold February day (like today), GVSHP and hundreds of neighbors protested the Hotel Gansevoort billboards that had just been erected at the corner of Hudson and Gansevoort Street.  GVSHP Exec. Dir. Andrew Berman’s statements

The Old New Guy (gal) at GVSHP

  Happy New Year! Tomorrow will mark my four month anniversary working for GVSHP and it has been a whirlwind!  My quiet existence as an architectural historian ended on September 8 of last year as I was swept up in

Some Good News on Chain Stores for the New Year

It’s always nice to start the new year off on a good note. So we were especially happy to receive the annual report from the Center for an Urban Future, State of the Chains, 2015, which is their yearly survey of the