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Emery Roth (& Sons) in the Greenwich Village Historic District

This is one in a series of posts marking the 50th anniversary of the designation of the Greenwich Village Historic District.  Check out our year-long activities and celebrations at gvshp.org/GVHD50, and see other tours of the Greenwich Village Historic District on our interactive map

West 12th Street: Then and Now

The view above looking west on West 12th Street from Eighth Avenue taken in 1929 shows how the northern end of Abingdon Square has changed over the years. Though the five-story building on the right at the corner of West

This Day in History: Abingdon Square Becomes a Public Park

One of the most interesting things about New York City’s public parks is the rich history that lies beyond the grass and trees.  Abingdon Square, bounded by 8th Avenue, Hudson Street, Bank Street, and West 12th Street, is no exception.