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My Favorite Things: Tom Birchard Edition

We decided it was high time for some of our most ardent and vocal supporters to have a say here on Off the Grid.  To that end, we have invited one of our favorite East Villagers, Tom Birchard, owner of

Many Layers of History at 7th Street and 2nd Avenue

As we enter July, it’s not hard to notice that some of the dates align with some neighborhood intersections.  In honor of today’s date, we are taking a look at some of the buildings and history around the intersection of 7th Street

Many Layers of History on Second Avenue and Second Street

Our neighborhood has many wonderful intersections, where generations of history and culture intersect — too many, in fact, to easily do them all justice. But on February 2nd, the second day of the second month, we thought we’d take a

A Walk Around the East Village ca. 1980 with Carole Teller

One of the facts of life that has always bummed me out is that I can’t visit history, to experience the past first-hand. Thankfully, though, GVSHP has just released Part 2 of our Historic Image Archive collection “Carole Teller’s Changing

The 101st Commemoration of the Triangle Fire takes place today at Washington Place & Greene Street

Remembering Two Disasters: Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire and the East Village Gas Explosion

106 years ago, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire took place, which was one of the deadliest industrial disasters in American history.  This tragedy is commemorated each year with memorials and reflections upon the plight and progress of workers, women, and immigrants.

One Year After the Second Avenue Explosion

Tomorrow will mark one year since the tragic gas explosion on Second Avenue and 7th Street street that killed two people and led to the collapse and destruction of three buildings and created a gap in our East Village community. 

Honorary Street Names: 2nd Avenue

As we here at GVSHP have previously discussed, many streets in Greenwich Village bear an honorary secondary name recognizing important people and institutions associated with the Village and its history.  These honorary names are given in additional to the street’s standard or

Restaurant Preservation

Next Tuesday, GVSHP will present a panel discussion entitled, “Historic Preservation, Meet Restaurant Preservation.” GVSHP’s Karen Loew will moderate the evening’s discussion of what can be done to keep our favorite dining establishments from disappearing. Panelists scheduled to participate include

East Village Sports Bars

OK, Super Bowl has come and gone, the ground hog says six more weeks of winter, and basketball and hockey don’t do it for me.  So I’m focused on February 13, when Spring Training for Major League Baseball begins! A