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Studio Windows: A Preservation Victory

Last Tuesday the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) handed preservationists what may seem like a small victory, but was nevertheless an important one.  The LPC denied an application to remove a 1930 studio window from 246 West 11th Street, an 1842 Greek Revival

Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Some Architectural Cherubs

In celebration of Valentine’s Day today, we thought we would tip our hats to some of our neighborhood’s architectural cherubs. There’s a wonderfully rich supply of them in the East Village, particularly within what had been known in the late

Numbers Belie City’s Argument on South Village Landmarking

The Landmarks Preservation Commission’s (LPC) response to pleas to consider the entire proposed South Village Historic District for landmark designation, as LPC Chair Robert Tierney promised to do in 2009, has frequently been to say that they have spent enough

Another Columbus Day without Landmark Protections for the South Village

Monday, October 8, is Columbus Day, a day of recognition of the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the New World 520 years ago as well as a day to celebrate the contributions and heritage of Italian Americans. Though the parade

GVSHP's report: The South Village: A Proposal for Historic District Designation

Little Africa: Tracing African Americans in the South Village

For historic preservationists, who often use the built environment as a major source of information about a community’s past, the hardest stories to capture are those where the physical trace no longer remains. We can find evidence of the many

Spot the Shot – Revealed!

This week’s Spot the Shot was taken at 725 Greenwich Street, between Charles & Perry Streets. Have you ever wondered why this row of houses looks more like the Costa del Sol than Greenwich Village? They are two of several