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Refresh Your Village Memory with Our YouTube Channel

Looking through our past programs, it’s amazing to remember the vast array of topics we’ve explored with our lecturers and guests. Presenters have educated us about the amazing architecture, colorful characters, and transformative social movements central to our neighborhoods. And,

Buy a Book Locally on Small Business Saturday

“Small Business Saturday” is this coming Saturday, a day to promote the independent retailers and other businesses that enrich our neighborhoods. To help you help our local small businesses, we’ve compiled a list of books that we have featured this

One Track Mind: Drawing the New York Subway

The New York City subway system is messy, crowded, unreliable, full of musicians, and generally teeming with folks who will bowl you over if you’re not careful. It’s also full of art. Graffiti and advertisements, yes, but that’s not the kind of

A New Chapter for Local Bookstores

Some good news for small businesses and the written word in our neighborhoods.  Bucking the prevailing trend of disappearing bookstores, we actually have two new ones in our neighborhood, and more may be on the way!  This is a welcome

Small Business EVERYday

A week ago we were surrounded by ads for “Black Friday,” a day many people spend doing their holiday shopping at the big box stores. A few years ago, “Small Business Saturday” was created, to promote the independent retailers and

My Greenwich Village Story

This is the latest installment of the Off the Grid series in which we highlight the people, places and events featured in our new book Greenwich Village Stories, available for purchase now. Visit our Facebook page for the latest on book contributors, release events and readings.