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Woman Crush Wednesday: The Ninth Street Five

The now infamous Ninth Street Show, a ‘coming out’ of sorts for the post-war New York avant-garde art scene, began as a whimsical idea, but ended up literally overturning the hegemony of the uptown artists and art dealers over the art

de Kooning’s Greenwich Village

While much has been said lately about the 11th hour salvation of 827-831 Broadway, two critically important buildings in the life and work of artists Willem de Kooning and Elaine de Kooning, we thought it would be interesting to explore other

Happy Birthday, Willem de Kooning!

On April 24, 1904 artist Willem de Kooning was born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.  de Kooning was one of the major figures of the Abstract Expressionist movement.  Abstract Expressionism was an art movement developed in New York City and the “first specifically American

GVSHP Oral History: David Amram

GVSHP is excited to share our oral history collection with the public, and hope they will shed more light on what makes Greenwich Village and the East Village such unique and vibrant areas. Each of these histories highlights the experiences and insights

Jackson Pollock’s Old Stomping Grounds

On Thursday evening, GVSHP and the New School for Public Engagement hosted a lecture titled, “Jackson Pollock’s Downtown Years” given by art historian and MoMa educator Larissa Bailiff.  While we can’t recount the entire amazing lecture to you (you’ll have