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Puerto Rico On Our Mind Entering Columbus Day Weekend

Puerto Rico is in our hearts and minds these days, both as the island continues to work towards a sustainable recovery after Hurrican Maria, and with the upcoming federal holiday named for Christopher Columbus.  Columbus landed on Puerto Rico in

Community Gardens Need Just One Thing: Gardeners

This past Saturday morning, after a cooling rain shower, a gaggle of curious people went traipsing around a handful of community gardens in the East Village. We visited eight gardens, plus the Wilmer Jennings Gallery, in just two hours, hearing from

Preservation Includes Community Gardens, and More

Not so long ago, there were 57 community gardens sprinkled along the streets of the East Village and Lower East Side – registered with the Parks Department’s GreenThumb program, that is; in total there were even more. Now there are

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

In the East Village, community gardens began growing when neighborhood activists threw “seed-bombs” into empty, trash-strewn lots. Tomorrow, GVSHP teams up with Green Guerillas – the organization that  arose from these first green activists – for a walking tour of

What’s In a Name? The Fireman’s Memorial Garden

As we continue to document the research we have compiled on every building and site in the East Village, we run across some incredible stories of the neighborhood’s history. Such is the case for a site at 358-362 East 8th