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The Cemeteries of the Spanish-Portuguese Synagogue Shearith Israel

On March 31, 1492, Spain ordered that all Jews living within the kingdom either convert to Christianity or be expelled. Portugal did the same less than five years later. Some of those Spanish Jews converted and remained in Spain, either

Tales from the Crypt: Greenwich Village as seen through its burial sites

Burial spaces serve a wide variety of purposes: religious, political, socioeconomic.  For example, a graveyard might demarcate the boundary of a church or private property, while the kind of interment that was undertaken (burial, cremation, mausoleum) might give insight into

The interior of the New York (left) and New York City (right) Marble Cemeteries. Photo courtesy of Bob Estremera.

Deadly History

With today being Halloween, we thought we would take a look at … dead bodies in the Village! You can tune out the ominous laughter you may be hearing right about now, today’s post is actually about some fabulous historic