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Founded by Villagers, the ACLU Remains Vital to Our Society

In the years following World War I, Americans feared communist infiltration of our country following the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. As we continue to see today, when fear outweighs rational debate, civil liberties pay the price.

Barney Rosset and Grove Press

Greenwich Village has long been associated with the arts and countercultural movements. Former publishing house Grove Press in particular exemplifies this history.  Founded in 1947 and named for its location on Grove Street in Greenwich Village, Grove Press rose to prominence after …

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Happy Birthday, Mabel Dodge Luhan

By the time Mabel Dodge (also known, in recognition of her four husbands, as Mabel Evans Dodge Sterne Luhan) set up her weekly salon in her apartment at 23 Fifth Avenue in Greenwich Village in 1912, she had already been …

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