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Churches of the Greenwich Village Historic District

This is one in a series of posts marking the 50th anniversary of the designation of the Greenwich Village Historic District.  Check out our year-long activities and celebrations at gvshp.org/GVHD50.  Churches are found throughout the Greenwich Village Historic District, and were built as early

A Tale of Two Forgotten Alexander Jackson Davis Mansions

Architect Alexander Jackson Davis was born on July 24, 1803.  Davis,  one of the most successful and influential American architects of his generation, is perhaps best known for his association with the Gothic Revival style of architecture and rural settings. 

GVSHP Library Spotlight: Historic Walking Tour Map of Greenwich Village

Through the 1960s and early 1970s, this hand-drawn Greenwich Village map was self-published by the Seymour family, long-time residents of Greenwich Village and preservation pioneers within New York City. This map is part of a small self-guided walking tour guide

First Presbyterian Church in winter. New York Bound Collection, GVSHP archive, undated.

Archive Spotlight: First Presbyterian Church in Winter

This image from the GVSHP Archive features an idyllic view of people gathering on the sidewalk outside of First Presbyterian Church in winter. The image is taken at 12th Street and Fifth Avenue, looking south. Indeed, the Church of the