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East Village Spring Tours, Gardens & More

Springtime has arrived in our wonderful neighborhoods.  Many more people are out and about.  Locals and visitors alike enjoy our diverse culture, community history and appreciate a part of the big city where you can see the blue sky instead of towers and the greenery

Paraiso Found: What was there before it was a Garden?

What was there before it was a garden?  We get that question often here, and are always ready to help community partners unearth the often little known yet rich history that lies beneath the pavement.  Or under a garden bed

A Look Back at 2015 Programs

As 2015 comes to a close and 2016 approaches, here is a look back at GVSHP’s public programs for 2015. In all, we produced or co-sponsored 60 programs that drew almost 5,000 attendees. Our programs consisted of slideshows, lectures, book

Parks and Gardens

It’s summer and the flowers are in bloom! We are so lucky to have so many parks and gardens in Greenwich Village and the East Village, where we can enjoy beautiful flowers, without having to do any of the gardening

Flowers and books for a summer day

Two weeks ago our friends at Green Guerillas led us on a tour of some remarkable gardens in the East Village. There are more community gardens in the East Village than in any other neighborhood in New York. Each one

Summertime in Greenwich Village

Today, most New Yorkers are trudging through the snow and freezing rain, navigating those slushy street corners and not-yet-shoveled sidewalks. Yes, it’s another beautiful day! So as I look out the window at the snow-covered landscape, I think of how

Jefferson Market Garden

On Monday evening I attended the Jefferson Market Garden Friends’ Annual Garden Party. If you are already familiar with the Jefferson Market Garden (a 1991 Village Award winner), there’s no need for me to tell you what a wonderful place

Sir Winston Churchill Square: 2013 Village Award Winner (and one of my favorite places!)

If you have ever spent time in the area where Bleecker Street meets Sixth Avenue, then you know it’s a busy place with lots of people, cars, buses, bicycles, strollers, pianos, and more. When the weather is nice, a lot